San Luis Valley Fair, August 7-14, 2021

The 2021 SLV Fair is taking applications for food, retail and educational vendors!  

If 2020 taught us anything it's flexibility!  This year we are hoping that the fair will look a bit more normal, and one of our goals is to have vendors of all kinds.  We are accepting applications for food, retail and educational vendors. 

Not only do we have to work around ever-changing COVID rules, but we also must keep in mind that construction on the Ski-Hi building is still a work in progress.  With this knowledge, we must have flexibility.  We plan to have food vendors in the food court area if allowed, retail vendors, as well educational vendors in the main building.  We hope to have full access to electricity and water for those needing these services.  On your applications please let us know your needs, but keep in mind we are at the mercy of construction.  Flexibility continues to be the word for the 2021 fair as well.    


Vendors will need to supply your own extension cords if power is needed.  If you need water access please note this on your application and you must supply your own hoses.  As the construction of the building progresses, vendors should monitor the lengths needed, while also keeping in mind we might need to move to plan B, C, or even D.  

If you would like to attend, please sign and return the application by July 23, 2021. Your application will not be complete until we receive your signed application AND fee if applicable.


Booth Form - Food Vendor

Booth Form - Retail Vendor

Booth Form - Informational Vendor

Photographer Bid Information


For questions or more information please contact: Brandy Myers (719) 849-1522 or send an e-mail to


**Vendor is responsible for collecting and paying all sales tax on all sales. You may contact the City of Monte Vista at 719-852-2692 for further information.** Food license or inspection must be displayed within public view if required.


City of MV Vendor Permit: PDF 


All vendors need to have a City Vendor license, Monte Vista is not self collecting therefore you must be registered with the state. If you have a state ID # (registered with the state) you need to submit the Vendor Special Event License Application to the state. This application will notify the state that your collecting tax for the City of Monte Vista and not the location your businesses is located at (Alamosa, Denver).


If anyone has questions/problems, please  contact Rhonda at: 852-2692. 

Space fees for the SLV Fair vary depending on vendor type.

  • Food Vendors - $150 ($50 deposit/$100 fee)

  • Retail Vendors - $25 per a booth space

  • Informational/4-H/FFA Vendors - FREE

Vendor set-up: Saturday, August 7th, 8 am – 12 pm

Vendor tear down: Friday, August 13th after 2 PM. We are planning a street dance this year to also be held in the parking lot.  It is up to you to decide if you would like to remain open during this time. 

 Generator power if being supplied this year will be disconnected at 9 am Saturday morning August 14th, 2021.